Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decision Making And Branching

As we all know C programs are collection of instructions and these instructions are executed one after another from top to button sequentially .
But some times we have to take decision while doing programming like executing some portion of the program instead of the whole program so we use decision statements .

By using Decision Control statements we can able to take decision on basis of one condition , if condition is evaluates to true (1)  then we will execute some particular block and if it is false (0) then we will execute another block .

This is all about decision control structure .

In C we have four different types of decision control statements are there .

1. if  Statements
2. goto Statements
3. Conditional Operator Statements
4. Switch Statements
these statements are known as decision making statements and they control the flow of execution on the basis of the condition is true or false .

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